So much time (and often money) is spent on building the perfect website for your business. Questions considered include; how many pages should I include? Should I include links to my social media platforms? Should I include a contact form? While all of these questions are important, of course, it’s also important to consider if potentially a one-page website is enough for your business.

Having only one page as your whole website might seem crazy, but if done correctly, a one page website can be an effective way for your business to include only pertinent information and market itself.

A one-page website does not mean you cannot scroll – you absolutely can. You can scroll vertically and horizontally, in order to obtain more information than only what you see as soon as you arrive at the website.

Here are just some of the benefits to having a one page website:

Easy Navigation

Your visitors should have hardly any problems navigating your website, since there’s only one page. They should be able to find everything that they’re looking for with ease, and not have to bother searching around for anything additional. About us? It’s right there. How to get in touch? It’s there too. No need for searching around.


Since there’s only one page to think about, you can really take the time to streamline the design and make sure that the website is designed perfectly and everything is clearly and concisely laid out. Since websites are often 10 to 20 pages, it is often difficult to focus on making sure the design is always perfect and consistent throughout (although, of course you should try), however, with one page, that’s a lot easier. You can really pay attention to the whole layout and make sure the experience is an easy one for your visitors, which often means they’ll come back time and time again, and recommend you to their friends and family.

Easy to Update

When you have a multiple page website, it may take time to update all of the pages and make sure that they’re all updated in the same way and in the same time period. With a one page website, you can easily update your website and make sure that you’re always staying on top of the latest design trends and techniques, as it’s only one page that needs updating, so it’s a lot more simple.


Since one page websites aren’t very common, your one page website, if designed well, will stand out from the crowd and create a favorable impression with your visitors. Anything that is original usually gets attention, so if it’s done well, that attention should be really positive.

Quick Load Times

One page websites load far faster than multiple page websites, so your visitors will not have to sit around waiting for your website to load. If your visitor has to wait, they may give up and take off to seek out your competitors. Quicker load time, means less drop off from your visitors.

Less Expensive

If you’re outsourcing your website design, designing and programming a one page website is a lot less expensive that doing the same for a multiple page website. So if your website is just one page, you’re really cutting down on your costs that you can then relocate elsewhere.

Higher Conversions

Because one page websites usually only include pertinent information, it’s easier to turn visitors into clients, as they don’t need to search around for the information to get in touch. If you ask them quite simply to call or email for more information, then they’re more likely to, as they wont have to dig around for the information but rather, it is right in front of them.

Rank Higher on Search Engines

 With a one page website, there is a higher likelihood that you will rank higher on search engines, because your website only has one page for the search engines to worry about. Since one page websites are usually more simple, it’s easier for search engines to quickly scan your one page website. This means, that your business will be far easier for visitors to stumble upon, which translates to more business for you.

Whether you decide on a one page website for your business or decide to go with the more conventional multi-page website, take your time and weigh the pros and cons. Your website is often the first impression people have of your business, so make it count.
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