Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a practice in which companies utilize Internet marketing techniques to increase traffic to a website in order to improve overall revenue. One of these Internet marketing techniques includes optimizing websites for targeted keywords, which in turn improves the rankings of said websites on leading search engines, such as Google and Yahoo!. However, it is essential that business owners interested in optimizing their sites for certain keywords seek out only those keywords that will truly benefit their website rankings.
How can a business owner determine which keywords are best for his website? For starters, website and business owners should focus on keywords related to the specific industry the business is in. For example, a company that sells bicycles would be unwise to spend time optimizing the website for gaming software. Instead, this website should solely focus on keywords that will benefit the website and its rankings for said keywords. This theoretical website would be more interested in optimizing for keywords like “bicycles for sale” so that the website will be appear higher in search engine result pages, also known as SERPs. When a website appears higher in SERPs, more visitors are likely to click on the page, which in turn increases traffic and improves revenue as well.
Another way in which a website can find suitable keywords is by searching through Google Analytics. The team at emphasizes the importance of looking through a site’s Analytics account, as this often holds valuable information. Analytics will reveal which keywords are most commonly used to get to the website. Website and business owners will be able to determine which keywords they should continue to optimize for, which keywords they should begin optimizing for and which keywords they should avoid. Additionally, Google Analytics will provide other helpful data including the bounce rates of pages, the amount of new and returning visitors, conversion rates and monthly traffic numbers, among many other things. Google Analytics is also free to use. Interested individuals can simply sign up using their existing Google account or create a new account to begin using this invaluable feature.
It is imperative to note that SEO keywords should fit specific criteria beyond relation to the products or services of a website; these keywords should also have a reasonable amount of search traffic per month, as well as moderate competition. Keywords that are high in competition could be difficult to rank for and thus a waste of time. On the other hand, keywords with low competition and low search demand are equally as useless. It is best to find keywords that will be worthwhile to optimize for, as these keywords will improve the chances a website will reach the top ranks of a search engine.
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