Getting traffic to your website has never been more important and with this in mind it may be time to change your marketing strategy to maximise your viewing audience. Ad-words or PPC links (pay per click links) have been around for many years now however recently many businesses have created a plan of action due to PPC have the potential to substantially increase revenue.

You may ask what I mean when I say PPC link and Ad-words, the answer is simple Ad-words are particular phrases that when searched in Google produce results according to the phrase. Companies then pay to have links to their own website place in prime positions on the web-page, for instance these paid links on Google are located usually as the top 2 or 3 results (highlighted in yellow) and on the right hand side. Following these links will cost a company a set amount based on the search term used.

Ad-word searches and PPC links have become such a ludicrous investment that choosing the right phrase and wording of a search term can make or break the investment. The general rule of thumb is that longer phrases exceeding 3 or 4 words are less expensive however they generate less views owed to the term being more defined. The majority of expensive ad-word phrases are for companies offering a service typically in the public sector where people would only search for the term if they were looking to purchase a service.

As of 2012 the 4 most expensive pay per click links in America were all related to asbestos compensation claims with the most expensive term being mesothelioma settlement clicking this link could cost the reciprocant up to $142.67 each time. The subject covers the illness such as asbestosis compensation. It is widely known that asbestos related compensation claims can be highly profitable for both the attorney and the claimant so many legal companies will be happy to pay this amount for any turnovers they receive.

Annuity settlement has also become a rather costly phrase to use with each click costing between $90-$110 for each click. This is another hotly contested area so many companies are outbidding each other on a regular basis for these terms. Prices fall quite significantly after the initial 10 search terms and phrases such as 'RAID data recovery' will cost around $60 per click, 'VOIP for businesses' around $45 and 'Tax Attorneys' about $30. These figures rise and fall along with search volume and general popularity so if your in a competitive market you must be aware of any trends within your industry.

Companies such as Google offer services so that you can monitor your campaign to analyse its viability and make the necessary changes. One of the most important factors to look for when running a PPC/ Ad-word campaign is the turnover of purchases/ enquires in relation to the amount of clicks you receive. You should also find a balance between a price and a suitable search term. Try to find a phrase that is long enough to lower the cost but not so long that it becomes too niche.

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