When I was learning SEO the first advice I got was to avoid any SEO mistake as doing any silly mistake will ruin a website completely. This might be the advice to make me more attentive towards SEO (or might be that person was pretending like an SEO Guru delivering religious sayings). And, I took that advice seriously and tried a lot to avoid any silly mistake. No matter how much I worked I used to do a mistake almost every day. But soon I realized that doing silly mistakes in not something to get obsess about. It’s a normal practice and since then I work freely (although still I commit mistakes). So, let’s come to the point.

It is not possible to have a 100% success rate with every SEO strategy you make with advanced techniques or whatever. You can’t succeed unless you fail, that was I learned since years. Making mistakes is fine… as long as you obey a few critical caveats.

1.       Always  acknowledge mistakes when they happen

Do you invest huge amount into a PPC campaign that produced nothing but a big hole in your pocket? That’s completely fine. As long as you learn the lesson! Analyze your failures and loop holes. Consult people in the SEO industry about what went wrong and the reason. Try to act like a scientist and do experiments with a real hypothesis and generate data to test and prove/disprove that hypothesis.

2.       Remember mistakes are sign of progress

Failure is essential always for learning (that we know). We all know how kids learn how to walk. They don’t just hop on their feet and start running around the room. They pull themselves up and then fall back down. After that, they sit up and then slides off a toy and hit her head against the couch. And so on and so forth. Some sources say newborns fall literally thousands of times before they master the art of walking. So you will too fall hundreds of times as you master the ins and outs of SEO.

3.       Take Notes

The art of noting things on a piece of paper is always critical to success – whether you are SEOing or doing any other kind of stuff. Great data, numbers and observations can help you overcome your inherent moment-to-moment biases and emotions that blind you to your inaccuracies. This will also save you from experimenting the same thing again in the future.

SEO is like launching a rocket in space..!!

Consider your SEO campaign as an attempt to launch a rocket to one of the moon of..lets say Saturn. It is not possible to launch a rocket right from our planet Earth with one blast and get right to the moon. This process needs periodic course corrections on its journey and delicately timed so that the rocket can compensate for dynamic factors it encounters along the way. There is no algorithm or machine that can calculate everything out in advance. You need to have the ability to course-correct to get to your destination. More traffic, more conversions, more sales, more leads, whatever it may be, you’ll get there.

By Anurag Sharma

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