Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a constantly changing field due to the amount of updates prominent search engines make to their secret algorithms. Questions often asked are things like, “Are backlinks still important?” and “What is Google’s Penguin update?” No matter how often search engines change, there are five mistakes you’ll always want to avoid:
Mistake No. 1: Not Doing Enough Research on Keywords
The only way your article will be found is if it has the proper keywords. Internet algorithms run primarily on keywords, and if you don’t have the right ones, your website will remain invisible.

If you write content based on a whim, instead of specific research, you’re likely killing great opportunities to find readers for your content. So, what is a keyword, then? It’s a word or phrase that someone types into a search engine. How do you research important keywords? Use Google’s free

Adwords Keyword Research to find out which words or phrases are best to write about.

Mistake No. 2: Creating backlinks of little value
Yes, it’s true. Link building is a critical part of online marketing. But remember, don’t value quantity over quality. Backlinks of little value, including those from spam websites or sites built only to post links, will likely hurt your website’s SEO. This fact rings even more true now with the recent Google Penguin addition.

What is Google Penguin? It’s an update by Google that filters spam sites out of results. Google Penguin uses the quality of a site’s backlinks to determine if a certain site is spam or not. For this reasons, find links from high-traffic sites in your specific industry, rather than only going after low-value links.

Mistake No. 3: Creating Sites that cannot be indexed
The links on the front pages of search engine listings are directly taken from a massive index of internet sites, which are all filtered by complex algorithms.

In order to be indexed, you must use a certain feature, so that the robot and spider programs of search engines can see your listing.

Indexing one’s site is often forgotten about my many blog owners. If the spiders and robots cannot index your website, then there won’t be any traffic driven to your link. The following issues will ensure your website is not indexed, so don’t do these:

• Too many pictures: Any text included in images will not be read by search engine robots. If important parts of your site, such as the site’s name or certain headlines, are in pictures, you data will not be indexed.

• Flash Animations: Spiders cannot process data in flash animations either, so be wary of using them.

• Code Elements including Javascript.Code elements provide excellent functionality, but are impossible to index.To allow spiders to process your code, format the website’s robot.txt file to show a text-based adaptation to search engines.

Mistake No. 4: No Regular Updates
If your website material is old and outdated, the value of your website will lead to less return viewers and therefore, fewer sales. Search engines also care about how new your content is. When new content is written on your site, a larger number of keywords and traffic will be generated. Recent postings also enable you website to be categorized under Google’s freshness update.

For searches with a time interval factor, such as current sport scores, the search engines highly value the most recent postings due to their updated information. Without new updates, your website will lose out on visitors and revenue.

Mistake No. 5: Not Focusing on Visitors, only Search Engines 
Although SEO is necessary, your sites customers are the most important. Your SEO actions should not weaken your content quality to where visitors have no reason to interact with your blog. Make visitor satisfaction your number one priority, and you’ll be rewarded with many gifts of money.
Post by Kate Pirs. Marketing manager in a team, who developed mSpy - cell spy app, which helps tracking children smartphone activity and finding stolen or lost phones.

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